Since 1987, I have been in continuous contact and in love with
photography when documenting my vacation to Chiapas, Mexico and
Guatemala with a 110mm Kodak camera. RoqnPIx was born in 1996
(high school years) when I developed and processed my first black and
white film and prints in a traditional darkroom expressions have
developed the eye and mindset of RoqnPix.

During middle and high school years,  I was the teen at school who
always had a video and film camera at hand which lead into taking
photography classes and experimenting outside of the classroom. I
participated in contests and received awards in various occasions in
different areas of art expressions including a state wide high school  
photo contest and later an L.A. County Fair 1st and 2nd places and 2
honorable mentions
for comic strip, pastel drawing and storyboard telling, just to name a few
while in Animation school.

Currently a wedding and social event photographer under our division
50mm Images and photojournalist and contributor for Rock N Roll
Industries Magazine covering shows and interviewing established
international acts as well as up and coming bands both for the magazine
and independently.

I (obviously) love live shows, tacos and Los Angeles!

© All rights reserved Enrique Nunez/RoqnPix